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Benefits of non-woven shoe covers
Oct 25, 2018

Simple Home Factory dust-proof configuration. Applicable to purification workshop, Precision Electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital equipment factory, reception room, family, etc., used to isolate the human shoes to the production environment pollution.

Also apply to home cleaning, save the door to change shoes trouble, and take off the embarrassment, directly set on can be disposable, can also be repeated use!

First, the solution: Guests need to take off shoes for change, guests need to clean every time, slippers, door mats, flooring tired!

Second, to prevent: private slippers into a public slippers, to eliminate the slippers brought by the athlete's foot cross infection spread hidden danger!

Three, reduced: constantly cleaning the trouble of the ground, can effectively keep the room clean!

Four, improved: a variety of shoes to send out all kinds of unpleasant smell, pollution indoor environment

Five, avoid: friends and family at home because of socks broken or foot odor caused by the restraint and embarrassment

Six, eliminate: because distant visitors need to take off shoes for the excessive attention, and do not understand the owner's troubles!

Seven, put an end to: visit many guests, slippers enough, change shoes trouble!

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