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Features of surgical gown
Oct 25, 2018

100% high-density polyethylene material, hooded style design, breathable, moisture permeable, can block fine dust and liquid penetration, while allowing moisture to be revealed, light, tough, prevent electrostatic accumulation, itself does not produce dust, silicon-free. 

1. Full conjoined, front opening. 

2. Strong and durable, anti-tearing and wear, comfortable, soft, light, breathable, lint-proof, anti-pollution, antistatic. 

3. Can penetrate the air, water vapor, but can be liquid-based liquids and aerosols are excluded. Made of 

4.1% high density polyethylene without fillers, adhesives, and silicon. 

5. Surface smoothing repels inorganic liquids, preventing chemical spills and making solid dust difficult to adhere to. 

6. Special coating treatment, 100% dustproof performance can effectively prevent harmful ultrafine dust, high concentration of inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution. 

7 can withstand a liquid shock of up to 5 bar.

8. Through blood and derivative virus penetration tests, it is proved that the invasion of body fluids, blood and blood pathogens can be prevented.

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