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Cleaning Methods For Disposable Masks
Oct 25, 2018

Disposable masks of the outer layer often accumulate a lot of outside air dust, bacteria and other pollutants, and the inside block the exhaled bacteria, saliva, therefore, the two sides can not be used alternately, otherwise the outer layer contaminated with the dirt in direct contact with the face when inhaled into the human body, and become a source of infection.

Masks when not wearing, should be folded into a clean envelope, and will be close to the mouth and nose of the side folded well, should not be stuffed into a pocket or hanging on the neck. If the disposable mask is exhaled by the heat or saliva wet, the effect of the barrier bacteria will be greatly reduced. Therefore, usually the most many have a few masks, in order to replace the use, should be a daily change.The washing should be boiled with boiling water for 5 minutes.

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