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Disposable Shoe Cover Introduction
Oct 25, 2018

Disposable shoe cover, save the trouble of visiting guests to take off shoes, and to achieve the environment is not contaminated with the common shoe cover, widely used in electronics, chemical, dust-free workshop, clean room, campus room and other high requirements environment. Common disposable shoe cover has non-woven shoes cover, CPE shoe cover, plastic shoe cover. Features have features, anti-slip shoe cover, anti-rain boots, anti-static shoes, such as cover.

Non-woven shoe cover, the most new type of environmental protection materials, non-woven shoe cover favored by customers, non-woven shoe cover itself has anti-static function, non-woven printing shoe cover, but also anti-slippery, practical, beautiful and generous, can add printing company logo, to achieve a good publicity effect.

Plastic shoe cover, the production process is simple, the demand is also very large, more for food processing, or general protection environment.

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