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Laboratory Uniforms Generally Require National Industry Standards
Oct 25, 2018

China National standard GB/T 20097-2006

Protective clothing General requirements protective clothing-general requirements (ISO 13688:1998,mod)

China National Standardization Administration Committee, General Administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine, PRC

2006-01-12 Release 2006-09-01 implementation

1 Range

This standard provides the general requirements and recommendations for ergonomics, aging, dimensions, marking of protective clothing, and specifies the relevant information to be provided by the manufacturer.

This standard applies to the general requirements of protective clothing.

2 Normative reference Documents The provisions of the following documents shall become the terms of this standard by reference to this standard. All subsequent revisions (excluding errata) or revisions are not applicable to this standard if the quoted document is dated. However, the parties to the agreement under this standard are encouraged to study the possibility of using the latest versions of these documents.

The latest version of the quoted document, which does not note the date, is applicable to this standard.

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