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Production Requirements For Protective Clothing
Oct 25, 2018

The protective clothing shall be designed and produced according to the following requirements:

A) The materials and components of the protective clothing should be made to ensure that the wearer does not have an adverse effect.

b) While meeting the protection requirements, it is advisable to make the wearer as comfortable as possible.

c) Protective clothing from the wearer's body contact should avoid excessive irritation or injury caused by rough, acute and protruding parts. D) Taking into account the impact of external factors and the possible movement and posture of the wearer during the course of the work, the protective clothing should be designed so that it is properly worn and maintained in place during the intended use.

Therefore, it is advisable to use appropriate means to adapt the protective clothing to the wearer's body shape, such as: suitable adjustment structure, suitable size range.

e) To minimize the quality of protective clothing without compromising the design strength and effect.

f) Protective clothing design should consider wearing with other series of protective clothing or equipment to form a comprehensive protective clothing and other protective equipment connection, such as from the sleeves to gloves, hems to shoes, hood to the connection of the ventilator, should provide the same level of protection. If the protective clothing is allowed to have damp-heat resistance, its damp-heat resistance should be small.

Test methods for damp-heat resistance should be defined in specific criteria.

Note 1: The manufacturer shall conduct the test in accordance with the test methods specified in the national or international standards.

NOTE 2: Protective clothing due to the requirements of protection can not be breathable, it is advisable to take other measures (such as ventilation) to minimize the physical load caused by wearing protective clothing

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