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Wearable Method Of Experimental Clothing
Oct 25, 2018

Stripping method: 1. Unlock the lines from the bottom up.

2. Remove the head cover, open the mind to the shoulder, take off the gloves, the hands into the cuffs and grasp the inner sleeve, both hands behind the back of the gloves and tops.

3, then put both hands into the waistband to turn out, take off the trousers.

Wearing method: 1. Expand the anti-suit (hood pair to yourself.

Opening up).

2. Open the neck of the anti-clothing, mind, the legs have been stretched into the trousers, put on the top, tie a good belt.

3., tie well-minded, fasten the neck buckle belt.

4. Put the gloves down and fasten the outer sleeves.

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